Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pornography: An Unfair Reputation

Let's talk about pornography for a moment.  What words come to mind when you think of porn?  Sketchy, sleazy, diseases, exploited women, abusive men?

Porn has a certain reputation and suffice it to say, it is awful.  It's generally seen as a disreputable industry with manipulative directors and drugged out stars.  Let's tackle a few of those misconceptions.

1). Porn Stars are rife with sexually transmitted diseases.

The truth is actually quite the opposite.  And this assertion also makes no sense.  A director hiring a pornographic actor with diseases is kind of like a security firm hiring someone with a criminal record.  Sex is integral to a porn actor's career, they need to make sure that everything down there is in working order.  Pornographic actors are required to get tested once a month, and several see the doctor twice that often.

Reliable numbers are hard to find, but I've seen reports that the number of STDs contracted by actors and actresses from porn is as low as one per year.  Additionally there are several production companies (notably and Vivid Entertainment) that have condom only policies.  Do you want to work with someone with a condition that directly impacts how they can do their job?  Didn't think so, neither do they.

2). Directors are sleazy meatballs with cameras

Look, porn has it's fair share of shady characters.  The same can be said for probably every industry that has ever existed.  But these are the exception, not the norm, and pornography isn't any different.  The comfortability of the stars is paramount to a quality production, so most directors are going to do everything they can to ensure that comfortability among their talent.  This is especially true in the world of BDSM.

The majority of my porn viewing comes on's preview sites, one of which is called Behind Kink.  Behind Kink isn't so much a porn site as it is a documentary site about the inner workings of the company.  Being a company that deals in bondage, has to go one step further in ensuring that their talent is comfortable and safe.  They, like most directors, realize that the best work comes from actors that are in a positive state of mind.  They'll take breaks, bring their models food and water if necessary, even call off shoots if they're not one hundred percent confident in their model's well being.

3). Porn Stars come to work drugged up or boozed out of their mind

This one might hold a larger degree of truth than the other misconceptions, but I still don't think it's the norm.  Yes, there are porn stars that go to work high.  I'm sure it happens all the time.  There are also porn companies that won't let their models shoot under the influence of anything.

There is this perception that porn stars need to be out of their mind to be able to handle what they do for a living, which couldn't be further from the truth.  Many porn stars are completely healthy mentally and have no issue, drunk or sober, with what they do for a living.  Which kind of brings me to my next point...

4). Porn Stars are girls that went down the wrong path in life and are capable of better.  Or, Porn Stars are dumb bimbos who are only good for selling their bodies.

People seem to think that attractiveness makes up for deficiencies in other areas, like intelligence.  Look, people are generally idiots.  There are going to be a lot of morons in every industry, even porn.  There are also a lot of very intelligent men and women that have sex for a living.  In addition to modeling for, Princess Donna and Isis Love also direct and run several of their websites.  (Princess Donna is the Webmaster for  Likewise, porn model Annie Cruz has a Journalism Degree from San Francisco State, and speaks four languages.  Lorelei Lee goes to grad school at NYU.

Annie Cruz in a shot for

Porn stars usually aren't tricked into doing porn, they enter the industry willingly.  Some are curious, some have exhibitionist fetishes, and some merely realize that if they're good at something, they might as well make money doing it.  (You any other worker).  And a lot of them love what they do.

5). Fetish Porn Stars are coerced into performing/perform partially against their will

My final and shortest point.  Some people like things that you don't.  Others love things that you don't.  Get over yourself.


  1. I agree that STDs in pr0n are few and far between. I haven't done research in several years, but last I knew, 1 in 4 sectually active people have some form of STD (which very well includes those who have treatable cases that aren't permanent).

    I'd say real pr0n stars (not the everyday Joes on youporn and redtube because the interwebz let anyone be a homevideo star) are no where near 1 in 4, or probably even 1 in 100. Recently, there was a reported HIV breakout in the industry (some of these people do have secks outside of their 'job' and can be suseptible to poor judgement like the rest of us) and everything shut down. Like they found out there might be an issues and they put out a cease and decist order. Even Bill Simmons tweeted about it a few days after I first heard saying it was the first time in like 15 years or more that the industry completely shut down.

  2. Great Blog!! That was amazing. Your thought processing is wonderful. The way you tell the thing is awesome. You are really a master