Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Don't Panic!

The guys over at The Goose's Roost covered, and probably will continue to cover this sort of thing in a far better capacity than I can, but I'm going to try anyways.  I"m going to do something I rarely do, write a serious post on the state of the Sabres.

Judging by the content of Sabres Junkie, the message board that is my home on the internet, and a few of the callers for WGR's postgame show, you'd think the Sabrepocalypse has arrived.  Let's take a deep breath folks.  Okay.  It is a long season.

And we, as Sabre fans, have been spoiled at the beginning of seasons in recent years.  We started last season 8-1-1, the year before that 6-0-1, and who can forget the 10-0-0 and 11-0-1 starts to the 2006-2007 season?  We don't like being here, I get it.  It's giving us war flashbacks to 07-08 after Briere and Drury left.

Well Tallinder and Lydman are not Briere and Drury.  Not even close.  And losing to the Rangers and Blackhawks on flukey goals and dirty hits is a world different than getting out asses handed to us in a home and home against the Islanders like we did in 07-08.

I see a couple things when I watch the games this season.  First of all, we went into Ottawa and made them look like crap.  Were it not for a herculean effort by Pascal Leclaire, we embarrassed them in their own building.  When was the last time we ever did that?  Secondly, not every opponent is going to have the fortune of scoring retarded goals off of Shaone Morrisonn's foot.  Seriously, did you see the third goal in the Blackhawks game?  I've seen aborted fetuses that were more pleasant to look at than that.  Luck is a fickle bitch, but it does a pretty good job of evening out in the long run.  Those sort of things will come around for us.

Honestly, I'm not surprised to see us stumble a little bit.  Like I said, it's something we really haven't done a whole lot of to start a season.  I did think it might take a while for the new personnel groupings to gel, and it seems like that is exactly what's happening.  So let's give the Whiner Line a rest for a little while?

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