Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Describing My Cats' Personalities with Poorly Drawn Paint Pictures: Moonlight

This is Moonlight:

Note: Not Dead

Moonlight is the oldest of our six cats, and therefore the most mellow.  This was not always the case.  There was one point when you might be subjected to this at any moment in time:

Literally any moment in time

Moonlight is actually fairly smart.  He is one of two cats I allow to be in my room unsupervised because he will not destroy anything with his cat-ness.  (The other is Fatty, but that's because he's too lazy). 

He also has the tendency to worm his way under covers to sleep.  We learned not to jump on unmade beds very early in this house.  You might scare the ever loving shit out of the cat.  Usually I return to my room, knowing moonlight is present and bid him hello.  He will typically respond with a low rumble.  Like "leave me the hell alone, asshole."

Moonlight's claim to fame is his love of faucets and drinking from them.  He still does lounge around in the sink from time to time, but mostly he's there to drink.

I don't think I've ever seen him drink from a water dish in his life.

Moonlight's new annoying trait is sitting at the top of the basement steps.  Now, as you may have noticed, Moonlight is...um...black.  The basement steps tend to be very dark...  You can see where I'm going with this.  If you do not turn on the light, one of two things will happen.  You will lose a foot because you violated Moonlight's personal space.  Or you will trip over him and die.  

Sepia Legend

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