Saturday, September 18, 2010

Girl Gamers

Let's get one thing straight.  There is no middle ground when it comes to the male reaction to female gamers.  The responses are as polarizing as responses would be for a youtube video of Glenn Beck wrestling Rachel Maddow in jello.  (Now picture it).

Thanks fastertimes!

One of the things male gamers need to realize is that female gamers are not all that uncommon.  A good many of them hide behind names that do little to suggest their gender.  And since no one really feels the need to proclaim whether they have an innie or an outie below the belt, their existence often goes unnoticed.

However, in games that utilize microphones, or in cases where the gender is obvious per the username (as obvious as things get on the internet), not noticing a female ally or adversary is impossible.  Here is a flowchart detailing each response.  As you can see it gets quite complicated.

If this is confusing, it is because you are stupid, not because I suck at making flowcharts.

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