Friday, September 10, 2010

Debra Bethell Romer

It's been no secret that one of my favorite contestants on this season of America's Got Talent, was Kalamazoo, Michigan native Debra Romer.  Unfortunately for Debra, her run on AGT ended this past week in the semi-finals, but hopefully her journey as an artist is only beginning.  I was delighted to find that she does have a CD available on her blog which can be purchased here, or on itunes.

Please don't go the illegal route in obtaining her music.  The lovely Ms. Romer is not a professional musician with a big time record label (yet) and isn't seeing the majority of the money spent on her CD being filtered away by persons other than herself.  From what I can tell she's basically ripping CDs herself, and labeling and mailing them by hand out of her home.  (Even though her website says that handwritten CDs are no longer available).

The CD is called "This Was Unexpected," and features six original songs written and performed by Debra Romer.  (Stay Wist Me is repeated at the end).  Myth of the Cave, Stay With Me, and Attention are my favorites.

Chicago Audition

Vegas Audition

Round of 48


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