Wednesday, September 8, 2010

CV Joins the Enemy

Those of you that know me personally and also make their home in Syracuse (and for that I am truly sorry), know that in the past I have been extremely critical of the local paper, particularly the sports section.  However, some time yesterday in a decision that must have been against someone's better judgment, they have selected me to be a part of a team of six paper subscribers to pick NFL games against their columnists and editors in their annual competition.

The contest involved sending a 25 or less word blurb into one of the editors since each set of weekly picks is accompanied by a short statement.  My winner:

Syracuse is closer to Buffalo than NYC unbeknownst to Post Standard. Vested Buffalo interest needed. Bob Siuda seems lonely. I'm the answer. Go Bills. (Bob Siuda is one of the editors, and the only Bills fan there).

The Rules:
Everyone picks six games weekly.  Three are the one New York and two New Jersey teams (a fact I'm sure I'll point out at least once), one is a pre-selected "game of the week" and the other two are our choice, provided that they are not Thursday games, and the point spread is less than ten.

So look for this smiling face in the Sunday Sports Section:

Here are my picks for week one:

Comment: Passionate Buffalo sports fan here. How Passionate? If I ever have a son, the top name choices are Buffalo William, and Ryan Miller.

Buffalo 24, Miami 17
N.Y. Giants 27, Carolina 14
N.Y. Jets 21, Baltimore 10
Dallas 31, Washington 21
Green Bay 38, Philadelphia 21
Tampa Bay 23, Cleveland 14

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