Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baseball and Basketball Fans are Idiots

Take a look at any sportscenter list of top plays and what do you see from the four major sports?

NFL - A great catch, or a crazy leap over a defender, stunning displays of athleticism.
NHL - Crazy stick handling, or an amazing save, stunning displays of athleticism.
MLB - A home run or two, stunning displays of being a fat guy.  Something 99% of the players can do.
NBA - Dunks.  Lots of them, something 99% of the players can do.

Baseball glorifies the home run, and basketball glorifies the dunk, probably two of the more boring plays in sports.  Home runs were exciting maybe in little league when there were only two kids in the league that could hit one, nowadays they're kind of a let-down.  It's like watching a kneel down in football.  Yeah, it serves a purpose, and contributes to winning a game, but it's pretty much just everyone on the field milling around for thirty seconds.

The same thing with the slam dunk.  How is it exciting when something occurs that virtually everyone in the league can do that's successful almost every time?  It's like getting excited when I go outside to wash my car.  Everyone else can do it, and I usually don't die or anything when it happens (knock on wood).

Look, I don't fault the NBA, or its fans.  It's fine that they get excited over dunks.  Basketball isn't a very exciting sport to begin with.  They're really just working with what they have.  I can respect that.

But baseball fans have no excuse.  Baseball has plenty of things that are just awesome to watch.  Plays at the plate, trying to stretch a double into a triple, bunts, suicide squeezes, bloopers to the shallow outfield, web gems and diving catches.  Now granted, those things are wrapped around minutes upon minutes of nothing, but that doesn't make them any less awesome.

Get your heads out of your asses.

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