Monday, August 16, 2010

What's in a Name?

By the way, that last post was my 100th entry. Don't all blow me at once.

A friend and I were having a discussion, and I brought up the fact that there are names that I probably just wouldn't be able to date because I am shallow like that. And she agreed.

Brenda, Barbara, or anything else that immediately conjures images of a 5'5, 160 pound old lady with a body shape of a square.

I dated a Susan once, and I didn't like it. Wonderfully nice girl, I just didn't find the abbreviation of her name (Sue you morons) to be aesthetically pleasing. All I could think of was Sue...sueee....soooooooooooooooooey. Kill me.

Emily. Not that it's a terrible name in itself, but I probably wouldn't be able to stop making fun of the parents. Like Emily...Emily? Really? Emily...Jane Doe wasn't common enough? (I have a cousin Emily. She's awesome. Don't kill me.) On the other hand I have no problem with Ann or Ashley. I think this is a me problem.

Sara, Steph, Jodi, or any other name also shared by an immediate relative. It would just be weird. On the other hand, I think it would be fun to date a girl with the same name as one of my friends girlfriends. Then I could refer to her as "the better ___," "the prettier ____" or if I really wanted to make them jealous, "the whorier ___."

Anyone with a regular name, just spelled wrong. Like Aimee, or Ashlee, or whatever. It just bothers me. Were these parents on drugs? What the hell was going on there?

Random Names I Do Like:
Alexandra, Alexandria, any iteration of my own name. I think it would be fun to date someone with essentially the same name. Oh look it's Alex and Alex...and they have matching shirts. Do I sicken you? Good.

Jacqueline. Why? Because I could call her Jackie Bauer. Stop laughing. 24 sucks.

Sidney, Jordan, Sam(antha), Kerry. I rather like androgynous names. I like tomboyish women. I'm like Tila Tequila in that I always go for the manliest looking chick that still actually looks like a chick. (Life goals list, compare self to Tila Tequila without contracting an STD...check).

Cassandra, Julia, Yulia, Lena, Arista, Melissa, Elizabeth, Bethany, Casie, Kaitlyn. I just think they sound pretty.

I'm done typing now.

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