Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Seriously, Don't be an Asshole in Life

Many of you know that I play in-line hockey in Syracuse (SIHA).  It's fun, it's a rec. league, and no one takes it too seriously.  Since we're pretty much the only group that uses the arena during the summer, the owner of the league has been looking to expand into more activities, such as floor hockey (played on feet).

So this year we've been doing a trial run of a shortened floor hockey season that's largely glorified pick-up.  There were supposed to be four teams, two from SIHA, one Liverpool, NY YMCA team, and one team from Auburn, NY.  The Auburn team dropped out, so it's been two games of pick-up floor hockey SIHA vs. YMCA on Monday nights.  I need to stress the complete and utter lack of seriousness and intensity to these games.  It's fucking rec. floor hockey.  Okay.

Now look, in a rec. league where the games are pick-up, I don't really give a shit about who wins or loses.  I want to win, but seriously, who cares that much.

Apparently the group of 30- to 50-something YMCA guys.

The first week, the YMCA guys won both games, and this week, the SIHA teams did.  One of the YMCA guys is a bigger guy, with braces on both legs, so he can't move terribly well, but his effort is always there and he's a nice guy.    In a sport where there is a lot of running, the guy isn't a liability.  He's made plenty of good plays and even has a goal or two (in a surprisingly low-scoring sport).

According to the league owner, one or more of the YMCA guys told him not to show next week.

Seriously?  They made the guy cry.

How much of a scum-sucking piece of shit asshole do you have to be to tell someone not to play in a fucking rec. league with no standings for fun?  Who shits on someone's parade like that?  No matter what sports pundits and retired athletes tell you, wanting to win at all costs doesn't make you dedicated, it doesn't make you intense, and it doesn't make you a hustler.

It makes you an asshole.  An asshole.  Whoever said that...you're an asshole.  Asshole.  Don't make me link a god damn picture.

My first response was identical to the league owner's.  Hell, come play for us  We're not douchebags, we understand the concept of fun, and we have enough little fast guys to work well with a big body on D/in front of the net.

I coach youth softball, and have done basically ever since my sisters were old enough to play.  I've coached some teams that never won a game.  Hell I've been on teams that only won one game.  My inline team the past two years has a combined record of 7-25.  It's never even crossed my mind to even imply to someone that they shouldn't show up.  If you do so, you're just a failure as a player, a failure as a coach and a failure as a human being.

It's the same thing as quitting.  It is, it's admitting that you lack the requisite skills to work with that player as either a peer, or superior and help them get better.  I'm glad no one told me that my first year of hockey when I pretty well sucked.

The whole situation is just really sad.  I know a few of the YMCA guys fairly well, and they're great people.  I know not everyone on their team would do that, or probably even knows about it, but I can make an educated guess as to who it is.  And if it is that guy, he has kids that have attended the games.  In fact, they're probably all parents.

Nice example you're setting.

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