Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Story Idea

Not sure what it will amount to in terms of length.

I was laying down to bed the other night, and for some reason the made-up word "Skankarella" crossed my mind.  I immediately set to putting a definition to the word, and I came up with a modern twist on the Cinderella story.

When I thought "skank" for some reason the goth style of dress came to mind.  Not in a negative way in itself, just in that many outsiders view goths or those that dress as goths in a very negative light.  So I thought that the title character would be someone with supposed "goth" or "emo" sensibilities and fashion style, cast as an outsider in her family.  Think Kelly Osbourne adopted into the Phelps family.

Rather than the two ugly stepsisters, and the evil step-mother, I think it would be an overly devout step-mother or adoptive mother, and two Christian stepsisters that parrot their mother's bigoted spiritual beliefs.  The underlying theme in the story would be that it is okay to be different, okay to be unique, and okay to strive to find your own sense of morality outside of the Christian norm.

The original Cinderella story is as horrible as any typical Disney story in that it gives nothing of value.  You have the maligned and abused Cinderella character tormented by an evil parent, and two ugly stepsisters and befriending mice whose fairy godmother pretty much magically grants her wishes.  The moral being that if you're beautiful, eventually people will see it and you will reap the advantages.  I try not to be preachy, but I don't like stories that don't have a point.

My friend Phil, over at BBG, suggested that the title should therefore be "Gotharella," but I disagree.  I want a word that has some negative connotations and is a bit derisive, like the name Cinderella in the original Disney film. The point being that this is a person that others see as wholly undesirable when the opposite is actually true.

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