Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Breaking News!

What is Black and Blue and Gold?
As many of you already know, Black and Blue and Gold is a blog authored by my good friend Phil devoted to the Buffalo Community, Buffalo Sports Scene, and Heavy Metal Music. what happened?
Some time last night, Phil extended an offer to me to write a weekly column for his blog, and I have arbitration necessary.

Ah, what will you be writing?
It will be a Buffalo Sports (almost assuredly Sabres) related piece, most likely (but not always) centered around statistics.

The article should be posted Sundays, perfect day for someone with the moniker Criminally Vulgar.

You don't write a lot of serious hockey-related entries, what can we expect?
The seriousness and professionalism will be a cut above what I write here.  Part of the reason I tend to avoid in depth analysis is that there are people much better at it than I am, and Phil is one of those writers.  I hope that my love of stats, and the endless time I can spend looking at them will result in some articles that will blow people away, or make them say, "wow, I didn't know that."

Will they also be posted here?
I'm not really sure how to handle this.  Double-posting seems excessive, and it might unnecessarily split the traffic.  I may link them or comment here, but the content will be over at BBG.  The goal is multifaceted.  As Phil's traffic grows, he wants to expand what he and Black and Blue and Gold bring to his readers, which means increasing content.  In internet media (don't we sound fancy) networking as everything.  The column will hopefully do three things:
  • Expand and increase BBG and its readership
  • Get readers that are exclusive to my blog reading his.
  • Get readers that are exclusive to his blog reading mine.

What does this mean for your CV content?
I don't post a lot of hockey-related articles anyways, so little, if anything, will change.  I will still be up to my usual contentious sassyness here.

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