Saturday, August 7, 2010

Arguing Calls in Sports as a Player: Stupidity

Idea largely spurred by this article.

What was Hunter thinking?  What do you solve by doing something like that?  What statement are you making?  Look how big of an asshole I can be!

 Google: Surprisingly devoid of Goatse images with a "Huge Asshole" search.
And yes, with me, safesearch is always off.

I never understood the point of arguing judgment calls.  I argued one half of a call as a baseball player.  As the batter, attempting to stretch a routine single into a double slid directly into my glove instead of second base, I was shocked to hear the single home plate umpire (which should never happen on a ninety foot diamond) yell "Safe!"  I couldn't understand it, the throw beat the guy there by at least five steps.  My glove was down before he even started his slide.  He wasn't even on second base.  It was the worst call I've ever seen.

"His foot's not even touching the---"  I began to yell loudly, followed by a much quieter, "ah fuck it, it doesn't matter," said so only the runner could hear.  He laughed and congratulated us on a good relay and good tag and that was the end of it.

Now I've umpired, granted it's only little league, but I have at least some experience from the other side.  I'm never going to give anyone anything but a fair game, regardless of how big of a cock they are or have been.  But if you're making yourself known to an umpire for all the wrong reasons, they're going to be wary of you.  It could work in your favor, with some weaker umpires subconsciously giving a player calls so they don't have to hear them bitch.  It could go the opposite, with the umpire subconsciously spiting that player.  At the very least it's going to give said player a short chain (aka a quicker ejection) in the future with that umpire.

Not to mention the fact that you're embarrassing your teammates, your fans, and giving the opposition that much more reason to own you.  Because players just love kicking other players' asses and watching them go off like a little baby.

Now it's one thing if the call is wrong per the rules.  That's something that should never happen at any paid level of officiating ever.  If you're making money, even if it's only to umpire five year old kids playing tee-ball, you damn sure better know the rulebook backwards and forwards.  That is the only instance in which I will ever get on an umpire's shit, because it should never happen.

But it does...

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