Saturday, July 17, 2010

Revamping the NHL's Divisions: Two Methods

The way I see it, there are two methods in which to approach things.

Method 1: Remove two teams, reformat each conference into two seven-team divisions.
6 division games (6 * 6 = 36)
4 non-division, conference games (4 * 7 = 28)
1 non conference game (1 * 14 = 14)
1 game vs. the team in each division in the opposite conference that finished in your spot (1 * 3)
1 non-conference "rivalry game" (1 * 1 = 1)
82 games total.

Honestly, we don't need the "rivalry game" and I have no fucking clue how it would be decided, but let's have some fun.

 Pictured: Fun

Method 2: Add one team to each conference, reformat into four four-team divisions based on geography (like the NFL).  Move as necessary.
6 division games (6 * 3 = 18)
4 non-division, conference games (4 * 12 = 48)
1 non-conference game (1 * 16 = 16)
82 games total.

Note: I tried to do this a few minutes ago and I couldn't get it to work as there are 3 teams in the NW, and about 400 in the NE.  I might end up saying fuck all to conferences.  If it goes poorly, I'll blame it on Gary Bettman and Colin Campbell.

This Guy.

Method 1:

Well that was easy, I mostly just split it by geography and nuked the Florida Panthers.  Yes, I know the NY and NJ teams are further north than Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, but let's be honest, we might as well make one division of awesomeness, and put all the garbage teams no one cares about in one spot right?

Think of the rivalries in the north!  You probably have six of the top ten fan bases all in the same division.  They'll kill each other!  Plus, the southeast is already a one team show anyways.  When was the last time two teams from that division made the playoffs?  (2007).  How many times in the last decade have multiple southeast teams made the playoffs? (3).  Have more than two southeast teams ever made the playoffs? (no).

Just as easy, replacing Florida Panthers with Phoenix Coyotes.  Look at that, you have the other four top ten fanbases in the same division in the west.  And look!  Another division!

Method 2:
Disclaimer - I never once said this was a GOOD idea.

Uh well, the North and East divisions look pretty fun.  The East especially with Washington being moved to keep Philadelphia and Pittsburgh together.  The West is kind of a clusterfuck of shit (picture it) but geographically it works...kinda.

Not too shabby either.  Can you imagine those North Division games?  Holy fucking christ.  There will be the blood of a thousand dead Canadians on my hands.  And it will be awesome.  Again, the West Division ends up kind of retarded.  Hockey and the West just don't go well together.

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