Sunday, July 11, 2010

Random Shit I Like

In the future, I'm going to move this to Monday, but since it's Sunday and I'm motivated, the first installment can come right now.

After the NHL decided to stupidly crap on all of its individual team forums by merging them into one super forum with an atrocious (and blindingly white) layout, Sabres fans (and the fans of many other teams) revolted and began creating their own forums.  Sabres Junkie is the premier place for discussion on Sabres and NHL related topics for Sabres fans, and it is my home on the internet.  Plus the admin designed that banner so you know it's awesome.

Easily the funniest and most endearing webcomic on the internet.  I'd post a sample, but that might be copyright infringement or some shit so I'll just leave the link and banner.  But then Phil told me it wasn't.  In addition to being funny, the storyline is compelling, and the drawing style is magnificent.

Random images, one at a time.  Quick load times and GIFs.  It's like crack.

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