Thursday, July 8, 2010

America's Got Talent: My Favorites

I hate reality TV as much as any other American, but I confess there are a few things I will watch.  America's Got Talent is so alluring, so entertaining that I can't help myself.  I think what sets it apart is the variety.  It's not like American Idol where you see eight hundred and six different sob stories.  There are singers, acrobats, magicians (love them), dancers and freak shows.  It truly is something to watch.

Now the final forty-eight acts are set for the last string of auditions that are voted on by the American viewers.  Without further ado, a few of my favorites.

Chips Cooney - Comedian, Magician
Some people get Chips, some people don't.  I personally think he's hilarious.

Doogie Horner - Comedian
I feel for Doogie, I really do.  He came in at the tail end of a ton of comedians in his first audition and was booed mercilessly.  In the Vegas audition for one of those final forty-eight spots he did a comedy act for basically no audience.  Say what?  Thankfully they passed him through.

Lindsey Stirling - Violinist, Dancer
This is hands down my favorite act, and it's frusterating because they've shown so little of her.  A portent of big things to come?

Debra Romer - Singer
This goes against two things I normally detest about these sort of shows.  I don't like how they all ultimately become a singing competition, and I don't like sob stories.  That having been said, there's something so genuine about Debra Romer that is so appealing and so touching.  It's something I honestly haven't seen since Kellie Pickler's American Idol Audition.

Everyone knows I love female vocals.  t.A.T.u., Avril Lavigne, Paramore, Frou Frou, Taylor Swift, Kia Grannis, P!nk, Miranda Lambert, The Wreckers, and Cadcada, and I am absolutely buying Debra Romer's first CD.

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