Thursday, June 24, 2010

You're too Fat, or too Skinny and the World Hates You For It

"Real Women Have Curves."  Those four words pretty much make me want to punch babies.  Right up there with DRIIIIIIVE! and "Activated Defensemen."

Credit to Bolorz or whatever, whoever he/she is

This isn't sexy either...

I'm pretty much stepping right in the middle of World War III right here.  Seriously, on one side, you have the huge chicks that just rail on anyone under 120 pounds (because it's a fucking crime).  On the other side, weight is probably the number one, go to, low-hanging-fruit insult for assholes and has been since Ugga the cavewoman ate too much velociraptor.

I mean look, I'll come right out and say it, I go after thinner girls.  My first four girlfriends weighed probably around 120 (5'11"), 100 (5'0"), 105 (5'2") and 95 (4'9").  So it tends to piss me off more to see someone disparagingly say "real women have curves" knowing that the tone often caries the same malice that those larger women were subjected to when they were ridiculed.  This is not a good solution to a very real problem, that the media implies that there are certain benchmarks that women have to hit for height and weight in order to look good.

In the United States, about 5% of all women have an eating disorder.  About 33% are obese.  Can you tell me which is the real problem?  If you didn't answer both, you are wrong.

Let's be honest, the media in this country does portray women unrealistically.  Let's be even more honest.  Most models suck and look really disgusting.  (While we're being honest, can we admit to ourselves that a large percentage of this country needs to lay off the ho-hos?) 

I understand that image is important, but the amount of touch-ups that are done to professional photos is ridiculous.  The women that grace magazine covers aren't realistic in the slightest.  It's disgusting the amount of photo-manipulation that goes on, most of which is wholly unnecessary.  I once ran a poll about the hottest woman in the country (Kate Beckinsale won), and I included mostly candid, untouched photos.  And they still looked fucking fantastic.

Kate Beckinsale does not need your photoshop

It's so freaking unnecessary to retouch every god damn photo in a magazine.  My ex almost never wore makeup and she always looked great.
 Not Pictured: Common Sense

I repeat, women have a legitimate beef with magazine editors and modeling agencies.  They do.  But at the same time, tossing your hair back and huffing "real women have curves" at every skinny girl you see isn't the answer.  (Hint: It's pissing them off.  My 5'2" skinny 120 pound friend is as real a woman as anyone).  I sympathize with women, it's probably the same feeling we get when you're drooling over Rob Pattinson (who is fucking ugly you morons), or Taylor Lautner's impossible abs.

The media really stereotypifies and pigeon-holes what men and what women should be, and both images are unfair.  But bitching back and forth about it really isn't the answer. 

Instead of this "real man" or "real women" bullshit, can't we just admit that there is no blueprint for a real woman or a real man?

Always Real, Always Gorgeous

Some other shit, idk.

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