Wednesday, June 23, 2010

There Might be Something to this Whole Soccer Thing

I hadn't watched any World Cup games prior to this point.  I caught snippets of the USA - England match on the radio, and generally followed when I could.  Soccer just isn't that interesting a sport to me.

Still, with elimination looming on the horizon, I found myself waking up at 10:00 this morning to catch the USA - Algeria match that, along with England - Slovenia, would decide who advanced into the elimination stage.

I actually made it awake by around 10:05 and only missed the first three minutes of the match.  Still tired, I sat on my couch watching the action undistracted for a while.  The United States, after nearly giving up the early lead basically missed chance after chance the entire match.

The world seemed against us when yet another legitimate USA goal was disallowed early on in the game.  As the game wore on, Algeria seemed pretty content to draw it and ruin the United States's chances to advance.  Add to that their diving and rampant cheap play, and you have a team that really should be ashamed of itself and deserved to be sent packing.

When the ninety minutes was up, the score was still 0-0 despite probably four or five prime opportunities by the United States.  But this is soccer, where wizards magically decide to put extra time on a game at the end of the half and the end of the game.  So there were still four minutes to be played.  The United States didn't even need half of it, putting the game winning goal in the back of the net at 90 minutes +1.

To which the eight Slovenians that exist promptly shat themselves.  (It's small).  So the United States prevails and in fact wins its group, something that hasn't been done since like the Eisenhower administration or something.

There are times when you're ashamed to be an American, and times when you just want to piss everyone else off because you can.  Let's riot and burn shit Montreal style.


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  1. That wizard is also the referee. He adds time onto the end to make up for stoppages during play since the clock doesn't stop in soccer lol