Friday, June 11, 2010

Sex in Society

I received probably the greatest compliment I could receive on my blog from my good friend Phil.  He said:

"Know what I like about your blog?  There is no 'not gonna go there' feeling about it."

Which got me thinking, I could stand to talk a bit more about that little three letter word at the end of my description, sex.  Now, I realize that as a male, specifically as a young male I'm already behind the eight ball on this topic.  If a woman wants to write about sex, she's empowered.  If a man wants to do it, he's perverted, especially someone in his early twenties who is still at that age where he's supposed to fuck everything that moves (or doesn't).  Ooo, an apple pie...brb...

 Maybe it shouldn't sit there looking so slutty...

It genuinely bothers me that we, as Americans, and as a society, do not live in a world where sex is accepted as a widespread and healthy part of every day life.  Research shows that by the age of twenty, 96% of Americans have had sex.  Sex is not some taboo spectacle to be kept behind closed doors and away from FCC censors, it is as important to a person's emotional well being as vitamins are to their physical health.  And yet in many high schools, parents still have to sign a waiver to allow their children to be taught sex education, and you can't say "lei'd" on television (at least not on Whose Line is it Anyways).

I blame, like I do (quite correctly) with most things, religion.  Religion began as a pretty good idea about forming a morality around which to base laws.  (Because invisible man in the sky (IMitS) makes way more sense than "if it hurts someone, we probably shouldn't do it.")  And since people were significantly more retarded then than they are now,


old-timey human beings were able to create a 2,000 year old document supposedly containing the words of God as told through man, which has as much credibility as this blog.  Somewhere along the way, people generally decided that if things felt really good (murdering and enslaving, stealing goats, sleeping with your neighbor's wife, sex in general), then it was probably morally wrong and should only be done within certain contexts (Jews and Muslims, from Jews and Muslims, and under the covers, lights off, no talking, only if married...respectively).

So, let's recap:  Sex is base human sin at its worst because it feels good.  And we know this largely because some dude wrote it down 2,000 years ago, because an invisible man told him so.  What the fucking fuck?

And people believe this!  It runs our fucking society.  It's why Wayne Brady can't say lei'd on TV, and why kids can't learn how to properly apply a condom unless their parents say it's okay.  It's why oral sex is still outlawed in 17 states and one District of Columbia.  It's why Janet Jackson is the devil incarnate and Amanda Kimmel's ass was blurred for an entire season of Survivor.

Seriously, this is what CBS fucking blurred.

It's why mothers everywhere refuse to put their daughters on birth control despite the fact that almost half of all 15-19 year olds have had sex at least once.  (Note: I haven't found any statistics, but I would guess, based on personal experience that around 20% of girls are on the birth control pill before they can put themselves on it at the age of 18).  This is despite the fact that there are health benefits to the pill that go beyond sexual protection (such as more regular and shorter periods).

It's why any open forum about sex is often shunned and ridiculed.  Even on college campuses, arguably the most liberal and open places in the country (Notre Dame doesn't fucking count), discussions on sex are met with muffled laughter and embarrassment.  If someone wants to have a seminar on supplements for body-building, no one gives a second thought, even though such things are less important to physical well being than a healthy sex life is to emotional well being.

But there is a beacon of hope.  Life evolves, outdated cliches and practices are tossed to the side.  The movement for equal marriage rights is gaining ground, and it will be successful, no matter how hard America fights it.  Birth control methods are becoming more reliable and more widely available.  Pioneers in sexual research and education such as Alfred Kinsey, William Masters, Virgina Johnson, and Sue Johansson are becoming household names, and are recognized with the praise they deserve.

Be confident in your sexuality, it's not wrong, it's not taboo, it's an integral part of who you are.  Help lead the charge.

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