Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ripping on FML Submissions: Because Most of them Deserve It

Today, I found out that my colleagues don't add me on Facebook so that they can publicly put me down in their statuses without me knowing.  My boss liked the one which said that I talk too much, FML.
---by Cleo (Woman)

First of all, she probably does.  But it's funny how adults bitch and moan about technology but they're just as guilty of abusing it as the rest of us.  Coughsabresdrunkiecough.  Plus most of them have unresolved pent-up issues they're just looking to take out on someone anonymously!

Today, I realized that I'm truly, deeply in love and I think I've found my soul-mate.  It's my fiance's best friend. FML
---by princess (Woman)

I've got one.  Today I realized that I watched way the fuck too many Disney movies when I was going through puberty and ended up with a completely unrealistic view on love and relationships.  Better yet, I found someone who will actually put up with my immature bullshit, but I got bored and latched onto the next available male.  And I call myself princess because I'm a whore...FML

Today I was sitting on my couch watching a movie with my girlfriend, she was eating Doritos.  I lean over to give her a kiss, and instead of kissing me back, she decides it would be hilarious to blow half-chewed Dorito mush into my mouth. FML
---by Datingablond17 (Man)

Well come on, that is hilarious.  Open yourself a bag of sense of humor.

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