Monday, June 14, 2010

Online Dating and Friendship

We've been blessed with high speed internet for over a decade now.  It is safe to say, even though it's continually evolving, that the internet is no longer a new thing, and as such much of the stigma associated with it should be steadily disappearing if it has not already done so.

And yet the thought persists that the internet is not an acceptable place to meet people.  Online friends are referred to with derision, and most people will not admit if they met their significant other, or current dating partner online.

I am not one of those people.  I freely admit that I met the majority of my friends through the Sabres Message Boards, and that I'm registered on several dating websites.  I think I differ from those that shy away from such things because I trust my ability to weed out the women that look like this:

Not Pitctured: Food

The internet is a great tool of communication and knowledge (and porn).  Like any other method of communication, it can be used well, and used poorly, used wholesomely or used sketchily.

Dating sites receive a bad reputation, but do they really deserve to be shunned so much more than the bar scene?  One contains significantly more roofies than the other.  Just saying.


Granted meeting someone at a social gathering spot like a bar, gym or game is great for the people that do those things, but there are others who have quieter more indoorsy hobbies, reading, writing, movie-going.  Now a theatre isn't exactly the best place to go conversing with members of the opposite sex.  Plus with the internet, you can gauge quicker how compatible you are with a certain person, maybe realizing right away that they smoke (ew) instead of waiting until about the third date when you get in their car and it smells like Satan's burnt third asshole.

The internet also has a certain amount of danger associated with it, as though every user is a deranged serial killer in hiding.  Let's be honest, the percentage of crazy people on the internet is roughly equivalent to the percentage of crazy people in your local bar...94%.  Deal with it.  If you're meeting someone online and carry even the slightest bit of legitimate fear, you're a moron.  I mean just maybe, the alley between Hammered Hank's Liquor and Bill's Meth Lab isn't the best spot for a first meet-up.  Maybe try the mall, or a baseball game, or a restaurant that isn't in the shady part of town?

Seriously, if people are that sketched out, they can ease the transition by buying a webcam and microphone and talk in person without talking in person.

My name is Alex and I have internet friends.


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