Sunday, June 13, 2010

Making the Rounds in Buffalo, a Recap of June 12th

After much planning, that involved cutting and taping (literally) an enormous map of Buffalo, my Sister and I journeyed out to Buffalo early in the AM to make some noise.

Sister and I

First stop was our first ever visit to the amazing Walden Galleria, detailed here.

After perusing the stores, including the wonderful SPCA, we made our way into the City of Buffalo (cue trumpets).  Due to an already enormous stream of Festival-goers and traffic, we were forced to park over a half mile away, but that didn't stop us from hurrying to check out the festivities for the 53rd Annual Allentown Art Festival which featured literally hundreds of vendors from all over the place.

View from the top of Delaware.  The festival spanned over three blocks of Delaware, plus offshoots onto Allen St., Virgina St. and Virginia Pl.

The festival was incredible, and literally every booth featured AMAZING artwork in a variety of mediums, photography, painting, clay, paper beads, and beyond.  My personal favorites were the live mannequins on Allen St. and the 8x10 print of Main street I bought for only $10.

They moved every few minutes into new poses.  I was way too entertained by this.

(Photographer: James Klein)

Once we tired of walking, we ventured to Spot Coffee at the corner of Cleveland and Elmwood where we ran into my friend Missy and her parents.  (Somehow I get recognized by people in a city I don't even live in.  I either feel famous or like I'm stupidly not living in the city where most of my friends live...hmmm).

Spot Coffee on Elmwood
(Credit: Buffalo Rising for the image)

After a few hours respite there we decided to peruse the dozens of lovely shops found along Elmwood Avenue.  I wound up buying the following sweet hoodie for only $30 at Thin Ice.  Thin Ice, found at 719 Elmwood Avenue, has a ton of great artwork and T-shirts, most of which is made by local artists (support your local artists, they always make the coolest stuff) and a friendly cat to boot.



When all that was done, we finally headed down to Pilot Field for the 7:00 PM game between the Buffalo Bisons and Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs on the much talked about Star Wars Night.

Speaking as a lover of all things Buffalo, and someone who has played at a couple minor league ballparks (Alliance Bank Stadium in Syracuse, and Falcon Park in Auburn), I can say that Pilot Field is much nicer than both.  The seats and sightlines are great and the capacity is very generous.  Coupled with Character Appearances by Garrison Excelsior of the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers and Echo Base of the Rebel Legion along with members of the North Ridge, a local group of Star Wars fans along with thousands of lightsabre wielding kids (and adults, *whistles*) it was a pretty good night.

The Bisons lost, but the Iron Pigs did not escape without an enormous amount of heckling courtesy of my friends and I, and the family next to us who actually thought we were pretty awesome.  Good times were had by all, and I made it home just past two AM to collapse into my bed.

God Bless the Queen City

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  1. Sounds like you had one awesome day. People actually do have fun in Buffalo. Crazy thought, huh?