Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let's Talk Buffalo

With Forbes.com recently naming Buffalo on their list of America's Best Places to Raise a Family I figured today would be a good day to talk up the City of Buffalo a little bit.

The biggest knocks on Buffalo by columnists and anchors that have nothing to do and have already killed time masturbating are that it is poor, run down, ugly, and boring.  That's quite the list of negative adjectives there.  They usually forget a few until it's too late.  "Tech Savvy," and "Pissed off."

You see, we don't like when people bash our city, and we're smart enough to use the resources of the internet to do something about it.  Just ask Alex Ruppenthal and the Columbia Missourian.  Buffalo is home to a diverse and intelligent group of Bloggers, Radio Hosts and Columnists (most of which are linked in my sidebar [hint hint, give them traffic!]).  We'll pretend I put some awesome segue there and go right into answering our critics.

Buffalo is Poor - Too often as a technological society, we get into the habit of having tunnel vision and seeing only statistics.  Yes, Buffalo does not boast a low poverty rate or stellar median household income, and the population has declined for several years.  What media outlets fail to do is look beyond those numbers and see the richness of the Buffalo community.  Often described as "America's Largest Small Town," Buffalo almost seems more like a family than a geographical area where a bunch of people are thrown together.  The friendliness and togetherness, especially at Bills and Sabres games is almost staggering (in a good way).  But that's just the kind of story that isn't going to get two-bit columnistman paid so he can pay for prostitutes.

Buffalo is Run Down - I actually have yet to go to any American City and not find a bad area.  I don't know where some people travel, but there are parts of Syracuse, Washington D.C., Harrisburgh, Cleveland, Albany, and even the greats New York City and L.A. that are just downright disgusting.  Criticizing Buffalo for being run down is like criticing the earth because it rains sometimes.  People seem to have developed this image that the entirety of Buffalo is some kind of slum, simply not the case.

Looks alright to me.
(credit to www.civicimages.com for the photo)

Buffalo is Ugly - I feel I have to reiterate much of the last paragraph.  There are parts to every city that suck, and parts that are breathtaking.

Pictured: Not Ugly
(credit to me for the photo)

Buffalo: Where Ugly is Right Around the Corner
(credit: this guy)

Buffalo is Boring - Let me be perfectly clear.  If you can't find anything to do in Buffalo, you either need to take the short bus back to the special facility, or get some hobbies that don't involve designer cocaine because you're either retarded or a scumbag or both!

Pictured: Anyone who hates Buffalo
(I'm talented, what can I say?)

Ray Emery bashed Buffalo.  He liked nose candy.  Willis McGahee and Travis Henry liked whores and illegitimate children.  We get that, we don't really do that here, it's cool.

There is plenty to do in Buffalo from great food (chicken wings or beef on weck anyone?) to the falls, to Elmwood Village and the Allentown Art Festival to the Sabres, Bills, Bisons, Buffaloes, Purple Eagles, and Blitzers.  

It's a great city, full of people who love each other (d'awwww) and doesn't deserve one iota of the bad reputation it receives from misinformed idiots and assholes (coincidentally you can't spell Alex Ruppenthal, Columbia Missourian without the A, S, S, H, O, L, and E) who have either never been to Buffalo or have nothing better to do with their time then to try and make good people feel shitty.

I'm Alex Bauer, Buffalonian, and I approve this blog post that I wrote and contributed most of the artwork to.

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