Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gay Marriage, You're Either for it, or an Asshole

I largely subscribe to the Socrates quote "all I know is that I know nothing."  I try to continually understand that I am young, and am only an infinitesimal percentage of the world and universe and that my knowledge does not extend very far on a grand scale.  Therefore there are very few things I will assume that I am right about without question.

I'm right about this.


There is no defensible argument against homosexual marriage to the sane, intelligent, reasoning person.  If you think there is, then you are the antonym of one (or more!) of the above terms.  Congratulations captain crazy-stupid-illogical.

Gay Marriage is Wrong: Getting Biblical
Probably the first argument any wack-job right winger will bring to you is that gay marriage is wrong because the bible says it is wrong, and it is therefore wrong in IMitS's (Invisible Man in the Sky's) eyes.  Fun fact, among many other things, the bible bans:

  • Round haircuts
  • Eating or touching pigs
  • Fortune tellers
  • Pull and pray method of birth control
  • Tattoos
  • Blended fabrics
  • Divorce (but we knew that)
  • Eunuchs in church
  • Gold, pearls, and other "costly garments"
  • Shellfish
  • Women hitting men in the nuts (I need to look into this religion thing)

Tell your driving instructor you're only going to obey 40% of traffic signs.  Tell your local law enforcement that you're only going to abide by part of the legal code.  Tell Zombie Thomas Jefferson that you're going to pick the six amendments and articles of the constitution that you like best and follow them.  The responses you'll get will range from looks of sheer retardation to being eaten.  But with the bible, it's okay to cherry pick!

He will fuck you up

IMitS is infallible, and the bible is the word of IMitS (written by man).  Why aren't we following this thing to the letter then?  Either Christians are morons, or the bible isn't a very good religious document, or just plain wrong.  Pick one christians!  That diahretic feeling christians, is your credibility leaving you.

Gay Marriage is Unnatural: The Procreation Theory
Another popular argument is that within a same-sex marriage, procreation is impossible, which goes against the function of the human race.  I thought about this point long and hard this morning, after I'd thrown off my synthetic material sheets, put on my glasses which enhance my naturally poor vision and turned on my heater to bring a sense of comfort into the naturally cold room in which I sleep.  And I thought...wait, this is a bad thing?

Less breeding is a bad thing?

The human population is growing at an astronomical rate because people aren't smart enough to stop fucking breeding.  As each day passes, the natural resources that we depend on for our very survival (and our luxuries that we "can't live without") are divvied into smaller and smaller pieces.  With nothing to temper this growth, nothing short of a mass plague, an asteroid or like eighteen more Hitlers is going to stop humanity from outgrowing the earth.  How ironic.  Gays will be our saviors!

Gay Marriage will Destroy the "Sanctity of Marriage:" The Immoral, Promiscuous Gays Argument
First of all, I love how religious groups claim so much shit as their own, like Christmas, Easter, and Marriage.  I hate to break it to all the christians out there, but virtually every sacrament is based on Pagan rituals with IMitS conveniently added to give them a sense of legitimacy that no one can debate.  (He's invisible and in the sky, how can you say He's wrong?)

Marriage is not a religious institution.  Marriage initially began as a contract between two people in which to ensure that a mother belonged to the man whose child she birthed, in doing so, ensuring that he was raising his heir.  Marriage is said to predate recorded history, beginning 4,000 years ago or more.  Religion entered the picture in 1563 at the Council of Trent when the Catholic Church accepted it as a Sacrament.  The assertion that marriage is a religious institution is bullshit.

(Credit: Hornbill Unleashed Blog)

Did you like that?  It involved some research and learning.  Too easy to straight up pwn people and say "the divorce rate in the United States is nearly 50%, what sanctity of marriage?"  Unfortunately, gay marriage has not been legal long enough to develop reliable statistics to compare to heterosexual marriage.  However, studies have shown that the divorce rate as a whole is higher in states that ban homosexual marriage.  Ouch.

An Environment Without a Man and a Woman is Harmful to Young Children: aka Let's Shit on Single Parents
The religious opponents of gay marriage will often pull a "let's think of the children" argument, probably because they know that their other arguments are indefensibly weak.  (This one is too).  The only thing harmful to children of same-sex parents is the discrimination they endure from the homophobes that populate this country.

Let's think about this from a purely logical standpoint.  The biggest argument is that children with same-sex parents are more likely to be gay because of the environment in which they are raised.  Which would make sense, you know, if up until gay marriage was legalized, straight marriages didn't produce 100% of the gay children.  Seriously, you have two same-sex parents who have had to fight tooth and nail simply for their right to be together.  So their child is going to learn the value of commitment.  They've had to endure unrelenting criticism from groups that despise them.  So their child is also going to learn the value of tolerance and understanding.

The assertion that an influence of either sex is necessary in raising a child is a huge slap in the face to single moms and dads everywhere, many of which do an immaculate job raising their children to be wonderful human beings.  But like I said, the opponents are getting desperate.  If they have to turn on their own to justify their bigotry, they will.

 If only she had more of a male influence in her life...

Gay Marriage is Just Unnatural
I am including this argument last because I believe it is the only "justification" agaisnt gay marriage by those opponents that is actually legitimate and honest.  People are against gay marriage because it goes against the norm and they just don't like it.  They are unable to tolerate, to attempt to understand, and to deal with something that fits outside their preconceived notions of what is "normal."

People, Americans in particular, have a difficulty in dealing with things that differ from themselves.  We're a very spiteful, intolerant, and argumentative culture.  It is the reason (in part) why our politics have become so polarized.  Both sides display an unrelenting inability to either step in the other's shoes, or tolerate something they don't understand.  People have been conditioned to think a certain way, have developed an inherent (and very negative) stubbornness and that is difficult to break.  It's why the following pictures elicit two very different responses.



The picture of the men is far less racy than that of the women, though typically it will garner a more negative response, because women have historically been allowed to develop bonds that go beyond friendship (though not necessarily into bikini-makeouts) and men have not.

The bottom line is that while both may begin to grasp at the edges of something most people do not understand, neither displays anything that even hints at being immoral or wrong.

Gay and Lesbain partners love each other very much.  They're committed to each other in a society that shows it is still incapable of recognizing that commitment, and still they continue on.  They seek only the validation and acceptance of that love and that commitment.

How can that be wrong?
Two adults love each other.  How can you call love wrong?


  1. On your first point, you're not exactly correct.

    For Jews, we are forbidden from the things you list and many more - 613 in all, from the dos and do nots.

    For the goyim (Gentiles, if you're being goyish), you're held to the Noachide Laws, which were the laws : http://en.wikipedia.org./wiki/Noachide_laws/. Capping out at seven whole laws, these are the laws that were taking on when Noach (Noah, for you goyim) got off the boat. One of these is "no butt sex."

    So, for people who quote Leviticus as the source against homosexuality, they've got the wrong source (unless specifically lodged against a Jew).

    Likewise, to say that for anyone who isn't Jewish that's it as wrong to eat pig as it is to engage in anal intercourse is incorrect - unless that person is Jewish.


    The saddest thing about gay marriage (and marriage in general) is that we continue to call it marriage, which is defined by a religious institution.

    Call all consenting unions a civil union, and give the Christians their marriage, the Jews their Chuppah, the Muslims their nikah and the Unitarians their... whatever UUs do, and shut the hell up about it.

  2. First of all, thanks for taking the time to comment.

    The site I linked to on random crap the bible says you can't do that is absurd is not my work, and I didn't check it, so there may be some inaccuracies.

    Once again, marriage was not founded as a religious institution, religion just borrowed it, and I believe added some rituals. (The same is true of Christmas and Easter). You can say that there are two different types of marriage, the religious sacrament as is it commonly known today, and the institution that was founded by pagans long before Christ entered the picture.

    I agree with your last point on separating the terminology based on religion so long as the benefits and rights are the same for each party joined under each term. (Though I hesitate to give "separate but equal" another go around).

    I feel that gay marriage should be allowed as a whole, and if certain churches want to allow or disallow it within their confines, then that is their business. The Lutheran Church that I attended as a child recently decided to take a pro-gay marriage stance should it become legalized nationwide, and many others would do the same.

  3. I have looked over the link you posted, and I know you already went to bed, and as I looked at those things I came to one conclusion. You cannot take one phrase out of the bible and then twist it into your own understand. You have to take everything into Context. And As I told you before a lot of things in the Leviticus gets changed in the New Testament. Jesus told his disciples to become "fishers of men" While they are fishing on the Mediterranean... He even preforms a miracle that helps his disciples over load their nets with fish. So in response to the no sea food comment that was posted... it is false. haha.

    I pretty much told you everything else... like I said before and I mean this in the kindest way because we are friends and I don't want to sound like a douche or anything, but it would be helpful to read a good chunk of the bible... like... almost the entire new testament before you start quoting it.

    I understand that Leviticus is full of rules and regulations from God to the Israelites, but most of those Laws get chucked by Jesus when he comes. Which was the point of why God sent Jesus in the first place, to make it possible for others to come to God besides the Israelites and to change th rules from the old ways to the new.

    But thats my two cents and I'm sure I covered most of it with you before. But I am coming from a Religious stand point and you know that. If you don't agree with the bible then it is understandable why you have different views on things.

    But like I told you before, people are what they are, they make their own decisions due to free will. They can have what they want, as long as it isn't pushed on me.

    My two cents haha.

  4. You're a fucking idiot. Marriage is defined as a matrimony under God, aka it's a religious thing. Gays imputing, wanting this, infringe on others beliefs. In this country there are religious tolerances and freedoms so you can't tell somebody how to behave in their own religion. While I'm not for gay marriage (because that changes the definition of marriage) I am for civil unions and the benefits that those couples receive.

    Since I'm not for it, does that make me an asshole? No. "I try to continuously(not continually) understand that I am young, and (no am here) only an infinitesimal (spelled it wrong) percentage of the world and universe.(this was a run-on) That my knowledge does not extend very far on a grand scale. Therefore there are very few things I will assume that I am right about without question."
    You're wrong. Point and case: You bias your own opinion as the correct one, and thus hypocritically nullify your own argument. Thank you for being a waste of space on the internet.

  5. The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference. You read, you commented, you care, and I thank you for it.

  6. You are correct--there are a few things in this life that one can be "right" about, and this is one of them. It is a matter of fairness. It is a matter of love between two adults. And to the previous "anonymous" posting (I'm anonymous because I'm new at posting on blogs--forgive me, I'm old and not up on this stuff) , some feedback for you:
    - "continually" was used properly, check your dictionary
    - check the definition of "marriage" in the dictionary
    -did you mean "case in point" instead of "Point and case"?
    I liked the article--thanks for writing it.

  7. Thank you very much for commenting. Always nice to see reaction, good or bad.