Thursday, May 13, 2010


This is less about unemployment the state of being, and more about unemployment the weekly check I will soon begin receiving.

I never realized how grateful I was that we have some system in this country set up to help those without a job until now (funny right?). So I got around to thinking about how we have other assistance programs, like welfare, for the less fortunate. Which brought my mind over to those folks that are absurdly rich and have practically an infinite surplus of money.

Should we cap what the rich can make?

It seems absurd, and a gross invasion of our basic freedoms. If you have the capability, why not make as much as you can? But at the same time, some of these people have more money than they can literally possibly spend in their lifetime. A lot more.

So where does that money go, and where does that put us? In most cases, that money gets passed down to children and family that are (not always, but often) less talented and less driven than their parents, and they haven't had the satisfaction of having earned all that wealth. However, with money, they have a variety of opportunities open to them that most of us do not have.

On a broader scale, this means that there are less talented people breaking into difficult or expensive fields (writing, movie making, CEO-ing (it's a word)) over people that are far more talented, want it more, and quite frankly have more than likely earned it.

People think monarchy is dead, but it really isn't, it's just changed its nature. Do you think the Gates family or the Jobs family are going to have any trouble living for the next dozen generations?

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