Monday, May 3, 2010

Tiger Woods is Annoying

From Rick Reilly’s Blog on
You are absolutely right. Phil's win last Sunday was a win for women. It was also a win for those of us who try to live and give of ourselves, with honor and integrity. Thank you, again.
-- Mary Schoelch (Shoreview, Minn.)

Alright, enough is enough. I’ve been pretty quiet on the whole Tiger Woods fiasco for a couple reason. Mostly it’s because I really don’t care, but also because his story is not particularly new or interesting. It happens all the time. It’s not exclusive to any one type of person, athlete or gender.

That’s my biggest issue. Women are using this as some sort of deluded rallying cry. Tiger Woods is a pig! Men are pigs! If my man did that, I would kill him!

Puh-lease. Women don’t need a win any more than men do. In my experiences and observations, women have been just as guilty of treating men like shit as men have of women. The difference (and now it is time for me to generalize horribly) is that when men commit a wrong (not necessarily adultery), they will typically own up to it. When women commit a wrong, they will try and modify their logic so they are either in the right, or somehow justified in doing so. Again, these are generalizations and, as always, there are exceptions (i.e. Mark McGwire wishing he “never played in the steroids era.”).

This isn’t so much of a rallying cry for women as it is further proof that there are a lot of shitty people, and they come in all sizes, genders and ethnicities.

I will say this though, Women respond to cheating right. They want to slander the crap out of the guy that wronged them. And with good reason, it is his fault. Guys want to go after the other dude that diddled their lady. How does that makes sense? She’s the slut, he is only guilty of being as opportunistic as you would have been.

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