Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Belated Farewell to the Bruins

In a few weeks I might be able to stop laughing at the plight that has befallen the late Boston Bruins, choking away a 3-0 series lead and a 3-0 advantage in the deciding seventh game of the series.

One of the after-images from the game was that of a little kid, clad in Bruins gear, crying in the stands. I'm not an empathy-less jerk and I felt for the kid. A few weeks earlier, that was me in my living room watching Marc Joannette and company take the series away from the Buffalo Sabres.

The Hockey Gods do not like things that should not be, and they will punish heavily for them. The truth of the matter is that the Boston Bruins never should have been in that position to begin with, and the Hockey Gods took their vengeance in the worst way possible. By giving the Bruins a historic loss that may well never be forgotten.

I may have conceded a bet I had with a former co-worker, but I think this result is much more gratifying than that $18 dollars would be if I still had it.

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