Monday, April 19, 2010

The Sabrepocalypse

Well the Sabres go down two games to one, Boston looks like the more physical team, and no timetable on the return of Hecht or Vanek. Can things really look any worse?

There have been several fans stating with absolute certainty that "the series is over." I can understand the frustration, but I never got into that mentality. I just don't understand the point. There's a reason the games are played and things can swing in one direction just as easily as they can in another, no matter how bad things look on one side. How many Boston fans were saying the same thing about ten minutes into the first period in game two?

I'll say it, I think the physicality is overrated. I think the Sabres are making a mistake in trying to match the Bruins hitting. That's our game, why should we want to or try to play it? Ours is skating and puck possession. We should be playing that game, not gooning it up. Yes, the Bruins are more physical than us, this is a fact. We're a better skating and passing team. We should use it. This series takes on a whole different tune if we start to skate rings around the Bruin defense and they look as they are old, injured, and slow.

The bottom line is yes, it doesn't look good. But 2-1 does not a series make and there is plenty of time to turn things around. Hell, we watch these things because we enjoy them, let's try to smile along the way a little bit.

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