Monday, April 12, 2010

Peters You Deserved a Better Farewell

I know it's been over a full season since Andrew Peters and the Buffalo Sabres parted ways. And truth be told, most of us (including this fan) weren't terribly sorry to see him go.

Part of it stems from the fact that he was drafted way too high (34th overall in 1998), and that by the time he left he was logging virtually no minutes, if he was even suited up at all.

I don't think Peters deserved much of the hate that was thrown his way when he left Buffalo. I maintain that he was never, not even in his later years, never as bad a fighter as many fans would have you believe. He had perhaps the misfortune of coming after one of the best fighters ever to play the game in Rob Ray. Peters was a different fighter than Ray. Whereas Ray preferred to go in swinging, Peters was a strategist, a boxer. He knew how to pick his spots, knew when to throw punches.

A lot of fans don't like the Peters style of fighting, to be patient, to wait for the opponent to give you an opening and then kill them with a massive right hook, but it was no doubt effective. Just ask Brian McGratten, Kip Brennan and George Parros.

Peters, you were badass, you had the best mullet in the game, and you were good for at least five moments of hilarity a year. I don't miss you on the ice, but man do I miss you.

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