Thursday, April 22, 2010

Parvati Shallow Enters the Conversation

Not that I want to become yet another asshole with a reality TV blog, but I feel compelled to discuss tonight's events.

It has recently been questioned by many viewers whether Russell Hantz or Rob Mariano is the greatest to ever play the game of Survivor. Both have impressive resumes. Rob finished 10th in Marquesas, then made a mockery of the All Stars field finishing second to future wife Amber Brkich before bowing out in 11th in Heroes vs. Villains. Russell on the other hand cut through the Samoan contestants on his way to a second place finish.

And then there's the flirtatious Parvati shallow, trailing only Amanda Kimmel as having played for the longest amount of time. Parvati pulled off the greatest move in history tonight.

With the tribes merging at five a piece, the Heroes were looking for any way they could to put a chink in the Villains' armor. JT had previously come up with the brilliant idea of sneaking a Russell an idol pre-merge to protect himself from a (nonexistent) all girl alliance on his tribe.

Russell, knowing the group had already targeted Parvati handed his idol to her for the second time in the game. Unbeknownst to him (or anyone else), she had already recovered an idol of her own. Working to flush the known idol out, Hero Amanda Kimmel tried to convince Parvati that she wasn't safe and that she should play her idol. The real plan all along was for the heroes to vote off unsuspecting Jerri or Sandra.

Parvati, not fooled, not only played one, but both idols, handing them to Jerri and Sandra. The heroes votes for Jerri were nullified and hero JT went home looking like a complete moron in the process. One of the biggest gambles and best reads of anyone I've seen in Survivor. Parvati hosed Amanda so bad it wasn't even funny.

The downside. Russell, egomaniac that he is is pissed Parvati had an idol he didn't know about since he so desperately enjoys being in control of the game. The group made a HUGE mistake in voting out unassuming Courtney last week instead of major manipulator Sandra. Sandra will play a way more strategic and conniving game than Courtney. Courtney would have been along for the ride. Sandra will blow with the wind.

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