Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How Could I Not?

Hockey and reality television come together oddly enough. Shortly after the Sabres loss and subsequent elimination from the Stanley Cup Playoffs last night at the hands of the Boston Bruins, I find my mind drifting to the words of Survivor contestant Boston Rob Mariano justifying competing in Survivor with an infant daughter. And to be perfectly fair, Rob was only echoing the words of former fellow contestant and gorgeous wife Amber Brkich. According to Rob, when he was asking himself if he should compete for a third time, she said “think of all Survivor has given us. How could you not?”

Somehow the mystifyingly pleasing accent of Boston Rob echoes within me now. I know that there will be heartbreak, anger and reactionary cries to blow up the team for next season. I understand that there are guys that didn’t play up to their contracts or their expectations. Still, I cannot help but enjoy a sense of optimism and appreciation for the team and the season.

I have to think of all that the Sabres have given me since my fandom began in the all too late year of 2005. Since then I’ve become entrenched in a wonderful online community on the sabres message boards and made dozens of friends. I have awakened my father’s long dormant fandom and brought my mother and two sisters into the fold, the youngest of which could probably explain the game better than a large portion of the afore mentioned negative fans. I have enjoyed the glow and hum of 18,690 voices a total of twenty-four times (and counting), gone to my first, and certainly not last Party in the Plaza and attended half a dozen meet and greets for the message boards. An enormous portion of who I am today, and who I strive to be is because of these, and past Buffalo Sabres.

So some will ask me why I stand up and applaud the efforts of a team that yet again failed to bring home the Stanley Cup. And I answer, “how could I not?”

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