Monday, March 8, 2010

You can’t Spell “Sucks” without the “S” and the “U”

I catch a lot of flak, a good percentage of it deserved from my friends that happen to be Syracuse Orange fans. (Your mascot is a fucking fruit. Like you.) The big issue stems from the constant assertion put forth by myself that Syracuse is a second rate city for sports, that the Orange are overrated, and that their fans suck. Hmm, I wonder why they don’t like me.

Now we can go back and forth about this until the cows come home. They can point to the Orange’s perennial top 2 attendance ratings for college basketball. I can point to the fact that Postdam gets a higher percentage of people to go to Clarkson hockey games (handily) than Syracuse does for Orange games. They can point to the Lacrosse and the Crunch and how the city is a hotbed for other sports. I can counter with the fact that the only thing hot about the Crunch is the jailbait ice girls, and that to get real lacrosse you need to head 140 miles west down I-90. Luckily for me, WSKO decided to just end the argument once and for all.

WSKO, for those of you that don’t know, was the affiliate for ESPN radio for the central New York area. Key word, "was." For reasons unbeknownst to me, WSKO decided to dump ESPN Radio and pick up THe Score, dumping Mike and Mike in the Morning, which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, The Colin Cowherd Show, National Broadcaster of the year 2005, and whoever is subbing in for Scott Van Pelt for such gems as The Don Imus Show, Tim Brando (who?) and local mook Brent Axe whose on-air presence is so bad he doesn't know enough to not pause in the middle of a topic, to take a call about a completely different topic. Yes, you read that right, Syracuse gave ESPN the big middle finger. Unbelievable.

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