Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quantum of Boring...er...Solace

My sister and I go to Movie Gallery every Friday, and pick out anywhere from 1-3 movies for the following week. When we arrive, there are two movies we pick on mercilessly, one is “The Tracey Fragments,” which is awful for an entirely different story, and the other is “Quantum of Boring…er…Solace.”

This got me thinking about Casino Royale. Neither Bond movie, I thought was particularly interesting in any way or carried any redeeming qualities whatsoever. It’s hard to tell if Craig makes a good Bond because they haven’t given him anything to do. The two movies can be summed up in the following sentence. ‘They took everything that made Bond movies fun (the technology, the cars, the women), and replaced it with Daniel Craig running from people and fire and stuff.’

Seriously, the dude runs more than John Daly after the drinks cart. This was one franchise where the now Hollywood-infamous “gritty reboot” was wholly unnecessary. You can pop in any old Bond movie and be instantly entertained by the corny jokes and the terribly unrealistic, but cool nonetheless technological gadgets.

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