Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lightning is Struck: Thoughts from the Game

I usually don't make a habit of doing commentary on the Sabres because I think there are others that do it so much better than I do, but today I will make an exception.


Headline of the night, bar none. With a stellar effort from Patrick Lalime, Derek Roy and Tyler "maybe we should just draft players named Tyler from now on" Ennis. It was never close, Gaustad scored 2:24 into the game and Roy and Hecht capitalized on a 5-minute power play and game misconduct courtesy of Vincent Lecavalier to make it 3-0 early in the first. From then on it was a romp and the fans let everyone on the ice know it.


It was a little dead to begin the game, but once the Sabres grabbed the lead, it was on. From fake Let's Go Lightning chants to the wave that produced a constant stream of noise throughout most of the third period to the raucous celebrations and honking all the way out of Buffalo. The team is back in the playoffs, the fans have something to cheer about once more, and in two weeks...the world begins again.


In his post-game interview, Lecavalier went though his line of thought in spearing Tim Kennedy, the penalty that got him tossed. He said he thought Kennedy threw on elbow (not likely since Lecavalier is 6-inches taller), and maintained he should have taken a "justified" two minute minor and rather than the game misconduct.

I disagree, and here's why. If you accidentally get your stick into a guy's face, that's one thing. If you're deliberately taking shots at one of the less padded sections of a player's body in an attempt to injure, that's completely different. No one will miss you Lecavalier.

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