Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Buffalo Community: Pissed off and Tech Savvy

If you haven't seen it already, I would direct you towards this article before reading further:

It was posted by Columbia Missourian beat reporter Alex Ruppenthal who is basically an 18 year old intern. Within hours, the article had made its way to the Sabres and Bills message boards, WGR550, The Buffalo News, and several prominent Buffalo Bloggers, amongst them The Goose's Roost, Willful Caboose, and Top Shelf Cookies.

Several people rose to the occasion and inundated the Missourian's website with comments and their editors with e-mails. Within a day, the Executive Editor issued an apology for the article and states that an inquiry into whether the author plagiarized wikipedia. (He did).

The moral of the story is that pissing off an entire region with tired comments and worn out cliches that aren't even yours is not the best way to start off a career in journalism. Buffalo has long been called the worlds largest small town, and it's residents performed admirably in this instance.

In a day and age when the economy is sagging and people are leaving in droves, it is obvious the Buffalo community is as strong and supportive as ever. Well done comrades, well done.

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