Sunday, February 28, 2010

USA Hockey Wins Silver Medal, but the Real Prize Lies Ahead

After giving it all they had to tie the game up with under 30 seconds to go in regulation, the USA men's hockey team fell just short of gold in overtime today. With a payroll nearly fifty million dollars less than the Canadians, and no home field advantage, the loss for the Americans was not unexpected, but it stings just a little bit.

And that's the thing, it only stings a little bit. Most hockey fans know that the real prize has yet to be play for. Sure, a Gold Medal means more than a Stanley Cup to the European teams, but by and large, in North America the prevailing attitude is Cup or Bust.

So Ryan Miller returns to the Buffalo Sabres, hungry, and that can only bode well for the Sabres chances down the stretch. With the trade deadline looming, it will be interesting to see what changes General Manager Darcy Regeir will make, if any. So on the heels of the Olympics, the chant turns from USA back to LET'S GO it should.

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