Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hey Syracuse Sports "Fans..." suck. No, really.

I went to the Mirabito Outdoor Classic on Saturday. It was a good atmosphere (you know, for this shit city). The problem was that the crowd was at least 40% Binghamton Senators fans, proving once again that Syracuse sports fans are incapable of showing up for games in their own back yard. The crowd had absolutely no ability to drown out any chants, and there were probably more B-sens chants than Crunch chants over the course of the day. Pathetic.

Fast forward four days to today, the night of the USA vs. Switzerland quarterfinal hockey game. Now I was at work for the first hour, which is fine because the scheduling was retarded. Then I went to bowling. I had to ask the bartender if I could put the game on, to which she brilliantly replied, "what channel?" Annoyed and with the remote sitting there on the bar, I turned the TV on myself.

Luckily, we were on the two lanes right outside the bar so I could look in and see the TV without obstruction. Over the course of the first two games, I watched the hockey game being mindful of my turn. The worst part is, I was the only one watching the game. Yes, the only one in a league that is probably 95% full of guys that consider themselves sports fans. Absolutely pathetic.

So Syracuse, when you pull on your garish, ugly "beat 'Nova" shirts late this week (who was the genius that came up with that one?), take a good long look in the mirror. Don't be alarmed if you see a brown mass of goo, your mirror isn't broken, you're just the fecal matter of sports fandom.

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